some work we did about food and healthy foods

This is the story from where we started to work about food and healthy way of living

The good-food village

I eard about a place, far away, where children eat only fat foods.
Someone knows which are fat foods?
Cream, butter, cheese…yes!
Try to imagine the people who live in this place: they are so fat and fat that they can’t move, walk, run and also play…incredibile, isn’t it?
In your opinion how do the kids living here feel? They are very sad for sure, because they can’t play how long they want because of their weight.
I eard about another place where children eat only sugars.
Someone knows in which foods there are sugars?
Bread, pasta, sweets and cakes….yes!
What do you think about going and visit this place? Children who live here are full of energy and spirit, they infact do many, many things, and also very fast, but their energy is so quick that they feel soon very tired.
Also these children are very sad because they start many things that they never finish: they are quickly so tired!
There is another place where people eat only proteins.
Someone knows in which foods there are proteins?
Proteins are in meat, fish and eggs! Very good!
Imagine to go and observe what do children of this place look like…they are so muscle and strong but very slow and slow in doing things.
Children are so sad here because they can’t play football: the ball jumps and runs too fast for them!
Luckly someone said to me that there is a village “the good-food village”, where people eat everything: some fat foods, some sugars, some proteins and something more;
In your opinion what do they eat more?
Fruit and vegetables…YES!
Try to imagine them…
These children are healthy, happy and sane.
Here kids can run, play football, skip rope, grow up, learn feeling good and free.